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A young boy is lying down covered in blood in the middle of the road on a snowy day. What happened to him? Did he get into some serious trouble? Nah, he has just fallen in love with a very cute girl.


A cute girl

Let's take a look a what happened some hours before. After discussing with his teacher about his future, the self-proclaimed "man who'll attain the speed of light faster than NASA" heads back home. Oh, you will probably get the joke if you know his name is Nasa. With a lot of thoughts spinning around in his head on a snowy day, he encounters his fate. Stone-dead? Nah, he finds a cute girl on the other side of the road. Infatuated by the girl and without any doubt that talking to her was the reason he was born, he crosses the road. But just as he gets halfway across the road, a truck comes speeding towards him. A terrible blow hits him and everything turns to black until he opens his eyes and sees the girl in front of him covered in blood just like him. It turns out she was the one who took most of the blow, protecting him. She tells the truck driver to take Nasa to a hospital, ignoring her own injuries. Nasa tries to reach out to her but, she tells him to "just forget about me" and vanishes into the night. He thought to himself that it looked like she was Kaguya-Hime going back to the moon as she said that, before passing out.


Nasa quickly wakes up and asks the driver where the girl went but, he tells him that he shouldn't be moving due to his injuries. But, this is not the day he can waste time, he must find her. He runs off to find the mystery girl in the snowy blizzard despite his worsening condition. He eventually finds her in a bus stop. The girl is taken aback by his actions and simply tells him to sit down. Nasa starts getting very embarrassed from being so close to her and even more so when she gives him her coat.


Seeing his condition take a turn, she decides to go get someone to help him just as his injuries start to get worse. But he cannot miss this opportunity and he tells her how he thought she was Kaguya-Hime and recounts how in her story the emperor and old man should've tried harder to stop her from going back to the moon. Conclusion? He finally works up the courage to confess his feeling to the girl and asks her to go out with him. After a moment of silence, she turns around and tells him that if he marries her she'll go out with him. He doesn't hesitate for a second to shout out a strong yes before fainting. He later wakes up in a hospital. As the days go by Nasa continues to recover and study. After passing his exam in the new year, instead of going to high school, he decides to solely focus on jobs that involve serving customers in the hopes of meeting that girl once again. But that day seemed like it would never come and soon he was living all alone in a small apartment.

Two years after

Two years have passed after Nasa's encounter with the mysterious girl when she suddenly arrives at his place much to his complete and utter shock. She finally introduces herself to him as Tsukasa. After the two of them settle down at the table, Tsukasa takes out a marriage form, completely shocking Nasa.


She reminds him about the day they met and how he had agreed to marry her. After reaffirming his determination and feelings for her, Nasa fills out the relevant parts of the form, clearing away any doubt and confusion he still felt as his common sense couldn't overcome her cute smile. He gives the form back to Tsukasa, who looks it over, as she thinks to herself how nice "Yuzaki Tsukasa" sounds. Even though it is night, the marriage office is open and so, Nasa and Tsukasa head out to get their form legitimized, with Nasa still a bit unsure if they can simply get married by handing over a piece of paper. As they walk along, Tsukasa muses over how nice her new name sounds, asking Nasa what he thinks. He says that it's a lot better than his which is written as Hoshizora but is actually Nasa. He then realizes that she never said anything funny about his name. She tells him that his name is a truly beautiful one.


This causes him to think about how unreal this marriage is, but that his desire to marry her is most definitely real. They soon get their marriage finalized and also get a commemorative plant. And now that they are married? Let's talk about the lewd stuff: holding hands. Tsukasa suggests that they try holding hands now that they are married and Nasa gets so flustered about holding her hand that he starts to yearn for other things he can now touch and not just hands (you know what, you lewd thinking pervert), which Tsukasa ends up hearing.



"the man who'll attain the speed of light faster than NASA" is a Kinnikuman reference. The man who works in the marriage office is Klaus from Hayate No Gotoku.

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