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Kanoka Yuzaki ( 由​​​​​​​​​​​​​​崎 叶香 , Yuzaki Kanoka) is the mother of our Protagonist Nasa Yuzaki and is married to Enishi Yuzaki.

"My parents are weird people"~~Nasa Yuzaki

Main Characteristics and Personality

She is very clumsy and while agitated quickly messes up everything.


She has an average stature and always wears eyeglass.


First encounter with Tsukasa

When Nasa and Tsukasa finally get to her house in Nara, she is very nervous and maladroit. As an example, her clumsiness reaches the top when she confuses even her name. Kanoka starts to open the door but is too flustered to see her son's wife and quickly goes back inside. Nasa manages to convince her to meet Tsukasa and asks where his dad is to which Kanoka replies that he's in the living area and hasn't moved since the morning.


Anyway, after some embarrassing conversation, she and her husband tell them they have nothing against their marriage and they have nothing else to give besides happy tidings and best of luck.


  • She is voiced by Masumi Asano, who is the wife of Kenjiro Hata.