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Nasa Yuzaki (由崎 星空, Yuzaki Nasa?) is the main protagonist of the series. How to describe him in a nutshell? He's the husband of Tsukasa Tsukuyomi

"Our serious, logical, and intelligent moron of a protagonist. He's super smart, so he's not financially inept, but he's also super dumb, so he's inept at pretty much everything else. He loves his wife." -- Hata's comment.


Nasa has an average stature and short wisteria hair that sometimes partially covers his green eyes. He is usually seen with casual clothes but often wears a hoodie and jeans.


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When it comes to Nasa he is the type of person who puts good effort in his work to make him get better at school but he tries to find courage to find the right time to make a good change he is a really good guy though he's studious, hardworking, smart, genius, determined, brave, strong, tough, persistent, kind, sweet, nice and brash like he can get mad pretty easily but not all the time and he's not a bad person though so yeah


Early Life[]

Childhood and Middle School[]

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Apparently, his dad liked the idea that his son would become " a man who's as vast as space..." and so he named him Nasa (written as "Hoshizora"). When he entered kindergarten he hated the fact that he was often mocked for his name. In response to this, he studied a lot with the main target to become a man nobody can make fun of. In middle school, he was always top of the class in grades and was number one in the national mock exams consecutive times. He got perfect scores in every subject and earned the title of deviation value. But his education stopped in middle school. When he became a third-year student in middle school he applied for Tsukuba high school, one of the top-ranked schools in the country. Despite the fact he is a hard worker, his teacher suggested a private school for him, but he said that they're a waste of money and he doesn't need backups.


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After discussing with his teacher about his future, the self-proclaimed "man who'll attain the speed of light faster than NASA" heads back home. With a lot of thoughts spinning around in his head on a snowy day, he encounters his fate. He finds a cute girl on the other side of the road. Infatuated by the girl and without any doubt that talking to her was the reason he was born, he crosses the road. But just as he gets halfway across the road, a truck comes speeding towards him. A terrible blow hits him and everything turns to black until he opens his eyes and sees the girl in front of him covered in blood just like him. It turns out she was the one who took most of the blow, protecting him. She tells the truck driver to take Nasa to a hospital, ignoring her own injuries. Nasa tries to reach out to her but, she tells him to "just forget about me" and vanishes into the night. He thought to himself that it looked like she was |Kaguya-Hime going back to the moon as she said that, before passing out. Nasa quickly wakes up and asks the driver where the girl went but, but he tells him that he shouldn't be moving due to his injuries.

After a quick argument between the two, Nasa runs off to find the mystery girl in the snowy blizzard despite his worsening condition. He eventually finds her in a bus stop, thanking her and introducing himself. The girl is taken aback by his actions and simply tells him to sit down, taking out a handkerchief to clean of his blood. Nasa starts getting very embarrassed from being so close to her and even more so when she gives him her scarf. She decides to go get someone to help him just as his injuries start to get worse. Nasa starts to regret not waiting for an ambulance earlier but, still decides to go anyway, much to the girl's shock. He tells her that he thought she was Kaguya-Hime and recounts how in her story the emperor and old man should've tried harder to stop her from going back to the moon. Nasa finally works up the courage to confess his feeling to the girl and asks her to go out with him. After a moments silence, she turns around and tells him that if he marries her she'll go out with him. He answers with pride that he will, before finally passing out.

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Nasa later wakes up in a hospital, having been told that the girl had brought him there and left without giving him her name. He takes that as a sign that she refused him. As the days go by Nasa continues to recover and study, even though he missed his exams and entrance ceremony and doesn't have a job. After passing his exam in the new year, instead of going to high school, he decides to solely focus on jobs that involve delivery and serving customers in the hopes of meeting that girl once again. But that day seemed like it would never come and soon he was living on his own in a small apartment.


Getting Married[]

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Two years after his encounter with the mysterious girl, she suddenly arrives at his place much to his complete and utter shock. She finally introduces herself to him as Tsukasa, before asking if she can come in; calling him her husband. After his initial confusion, Nasa eventually lets her into his apartment, despite his very nervous state of mind. After the two of them settle down at the table, Tsukasa takes out a marriage form, completely shocking Nasa. She reminds him about the day they met and how he had agreed to marry her. After reaffirming his determination and feelings for her, Nasa fills out the relevant parts of the form, clearing away any doubt and confusion he still felt. He gives the form back to Tsukasa, who looks it over, as she thinks to herself how nice "Yuzaki Tsukasa" sounds. She then tells him that even though both of them are very uneasy about doing this, she can tell that he has a good eye for people and has never lied before. Tsukasa says that she completely trusts him and asks that he take care of her if he thinks that she is worth it. Nasa replies by asking her that she also take care of him before they head out to get their marriage form legitimized.

The two of them head out to the office where they can get their form legitimized, with Nasa still a bit unsure if they can simply get married by handing over a piece of paper. As they walk along, Tsukasa muses over how nice her new name sounds, asking Nasa what he thinks. He says that it's a lot better than his which is written as Hoshizora but is actually Nasa. He then realizes that she never said anything bad about his name, before she tells him about the history and efforts of NASA and how they eventually were able to put a man on the moon. She finishes by telling him that his name is a truly beautiful one. This causes him to think about how unreal this marriage is but, that his desire to marry her is most definitely real. They soon get their marriage finalized and also get a commemorative potted plant. Tsukasa suggests that they try holding hands now that they are married. Nasa gets so flustered about holding her hand that he calls marriage a lifelong buffet of handholding, which Tsukasa ends up hearing. She then tells him to take the plant back home as she has something that she needs to finish, before asking him if he has two futons at his place, to which he answers that he only has one.

First Night Together[]

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Nasa waits alone at his apartment for Tsukasa to come back, wrapping his head around the fact that they are now married. He quickly realizes that they will be sleeping on the same bed and tries to work out a way where the two of them can sleep comfortably on one bed. Tsukasa soon returns, much to Nasa's surprise and embarrassment. He asks what she had to do and she tells him that she went to get her luggage from a coin locker. Nasa then wonders if her family would be worried about her being out so late but, she says that she doesn't have a home now. Upon hearing this he decides that having one futon is fine and he can sleep on the floor but, Tsukasa suggests that she stay at a hotel for the night. Nasa seems displeased with the idea until she tells him that since she is his wife she won't be going anywhere, causing him to be completely taken aback by her words. He then wonders why she became his wife in the first place and asks her why she married him. Instead of answering him, Tsukasa asks Nasa why he married her, to which he answers that it was because he likes her. She then tells him that she would never marry someone who she didn't fall in love with. Nasa tries to ask her when she fell in love with him but, she says that it's a secret, much to his annoyance.

As Tsukasa starts to leave, Nasa feels that if she goes now he'll never see her again. He tells her that they can buy a second futon, so she doesn't have to go. She agrees to this as long as they can try out a memory foam one. They visit a store to buy one with Tsukasa asking if this will be Nasa's first present to her, to which he answers yes. After arriving back at the apartment, she lies down on the new futon to try it out, causing him much embarrassment. Tsukasa asks if they have a bath but, Nasa says that they don't, telling her that he goes to a bathhouse each morning instead. Before going to sleep, the two of them go back out to buy some more sleeping goods.

They finally both start to settle down for sleep, with Tsukasa thanking him for keeping her company and Nasa saying that he kept his promise from when they first met. Unfortunately, he is unable to get any proper sleep due to being completely distracted by her. After watching her toss and turn while sleeping Nasa wonders if he should give her a goodnight kiss but, decides against it. Tsukasa then suddenly gets up for a drink and upon returning to her futon, falls asleep atop his bed pulling the covers off as she slides back down to ground level.

The Arisugawa Bathhouse[]

The next morning after getting up and changed, Tsukasa decides to get them breakfast. Curious to see what kind of food a bachelor would have she takes a look inside Nasa's fridge and is surprised at the reasonable amount of stuff he has. He tells her that he studied dietetics and worked out the "best" meal for him was hot pot every day. Unimpressed by this Tsukasa tells him to wait while she prepares their food. After ten minutes they sit down to eat, with Nasa totally surprised by the amazing results she produced. While eating, Tsukasa tells him that she noticed he still calls her Tsukasa-san, despite the fact that they are now married. They agree to come up with nicknames for each other, with Tsukasa calling him Nasa-kun and Nasa calling her Tsukasa-chan, much to her embarrassment. Once they finish their meal they decide to go to the bathhouse later, with Nasa really wanting to see her after she takes a bath.

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The two of them head out and after buying some lotion and various other things for Tsukasa, arrive at the bathhouse. Here they meet Nasa's kouhai in middle school: Arisugawa Kaname, who helps manage the bathhouse. Kaname is completely shocked that Nasa has brought a girl with him, as she thought that he had no interest in them. She asks if they are dating but, Nasa instead tells her that the two of them are married, shocking her even more. After congratulating them, Kaname invites Tsukasa in to take a bath. Nasa attempts to go in as well but is stopped by Kaname who demands an explanation for what is going on. She tells him that she always thought she would look after him when he got older, in a weird dream of hers. Kaname then asks if he's told Aya about it but, he says that he hasn't. She tells him that she won't tell Aya and asks when the ceremony is but, Nasa says that he hadn't thought about one or getting rings. After hearing that he hasn't even proposed to Tsukasa, Kaname tells him that since he decided to marry her he has a duty to make her happy. Filled with new resolve, Nasa declares that he will make Tsukasa happy because he loves her. Tsukasa walks out at this very moment to get her things and clearly hears what he just said, much to both of their embarrassment. She takes her things from him and tells him that even though she gets embarrassed when he says that in front of other people, she also gets really happy.

While in the bath Nasa thinks to himself how the current situation lends itself to a bath chapter happening, where he'll get to see Tsukasa naked. He looks around to see what might happen but, instead sees Kaname standing in the doorway smiling at him. Nasa panics as she tells him to take his time and have fun, also saying that she heard everything he said.

After Nasa's bath, Tsukasa meets back up with him and is accompanied by Kaname's older sister, Aya Arisugawa . Due to an earlier misunderstanding, Aya doesn't realize that the two of them are married and neither of them is aware of this. Tsukasa is told how Nasa helped support the Arisugawa family and their business after they fell on hard times. Tsukasa appears disappointed with hearing how grateful Aya is to Nasa but, he doesn't notice this. The two of them then leave the bathhouse and head back home. Tsukasa says how cute Aya seems to be with Nasa completely agreeing with her and not realizing his poor choice of words. Just as he realizes this he sees her looking at a church wedding and remembers what Kaname told him about their marriage. He asks if she is concerned about that thing (no ceremony or rings) but, she assumes he is talking about Aya and totally gets the wrong idea. Tsukasa says that she wants him to say that she is cute too but he still misunderstands. After some back and forth he decides that he can't say it right now and goes off to check something, telling her to go back home and wait for him.

Chitose Kaginoji[]

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When Nasa arrives back at the apartment he sees a young girl sat outside crying. He asks if she's alright, to which she says yes and that it has nothing to do with him. Despite this Nasa gives her a handkerchief saying that he can't just leave someone who's crying in front of him. The girl tells him that her "sister" hasn't come home yet but, she doesn't want to bother her by calling the police because of how delicate and easily hurt she is. She also says that even though she vanishes if you take your eyes off her, she is still precious to her. The young girl tells Nasa how kind he is to listen to the story of a stranger even though he must be in the middle of doing something. He says that he's looking for a place to propose but before she can tell him where to go for that, Tsukasa appears behind them. Seeing the two of them casually talking to each other and how Tsukasa called Nasa "dear", the girl suddenly gets very angry and realizes that Nasa is her "sister's" (Tsukasa's) husband.

Tsukasa tells Nasa that the girl is Chitose Kaginoji, a girl who was taken in by her family. Nasa casually introduces himself to her and starts a conversation despite Chitose's protests. She states that she will not accept him as Tsukasa's partner in marriage. Surprisingly he shows his good communication skills by saying she's not wrong for thinking that, due to how sudden it all was. He suggests that they go and have a nice chat about it but, Tsukasa tells him that Chitose won't simply accept that. Proving her right, Chitose calls a limo and proceeds to kidnap Nasa. After arriving at her mansion, she tells him that she will use a sex scandal to ruin their marriage. Chitose calls her two maids; Charlotte and Aurora and tells them to get Nasa into a sex scandal. While Aurora is unsure Charlotte immediately starts to take her clothes off, much to everyone else's shock.

Nasa takes this opportunity to escape and hides in a room, which belongs to Tsukasa. Looking around the room, he sees various space-related items including a spacesuit, a model of a spacecraft and some globes of planets. Finally, he notices a glass case with a moonstone. Due to how well kept and maintained it appears to be Nasa concludes that the stone is indeed real but, says that it's almost impossible for one to be here. Suddenly Charlotte appears with a large sword breaking her way into the room and telling him that he isn't allowed in there. She proceeds to start attacking him but, Chitose and Aurora arrive shouting at her to not be so reckless in that room. Unfortunately, she ends up damaging the case with the moonstone in it. Nasa however quickly manages to fix it, preserving the moonstone and also works out from Chitose's reaction that the stone is definitely real. She tells him that their grand-aunt borrowed it to ease Tsukasa. Upon hearing Nasa's confusion about this she realizes that he doesn't know what Tsukasa is and asks if he knows anything about her past. He answers that he doesn't which causes Chitose to get really angry that her "sister" married someone who knew nothing about her. Charlotte intervenes saying that Nasa did save Tsukasa's moonstone and hugs him as thanks but, Aurora takes this chance to take a picture of them and edits it to make it look indecent.

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Just then Tsukasa appears taking the picture and remarking about how "nice" it looks, much to Nasa's shock. Chitose tells her to get a divorce because of how terrible he is. She seems to agree to this telling him to follow her so they can talk it over. Once they leave the room Tsukasa reveals that she was just pretending so they could escape and if she really was mad things would be much worse for him. Once they hear Chitose calling after them they make their getaway, with Nasa thinking to himself how even though he knows nothing about her past, what's more important right now is their future life together. They soon find themselves in an old church on top of a hill, with Tsukasa saying that it was prepared as an escape route. She also tells him that she wanted to show it to him because it's a really wonderful place. Seeing her so bright and happy Nasa realizes what devotion really is. He starts to tell her that; if something good happens to him she'll be the first to know, if something bad happens to her he'll carry the burden with her, they'll share everything, support each other and that he doesn't want her to ever regret choosing him as her husband. Nasa says how that is the kind of couple he wants them to be. Tsukasa notes how that all sounded like a proposal, to which he answers that it was before kissing her and swearing to give his eternal love.

The daily routine at Arisugawa bathhouse[]

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His second honeymoon and Tokiko Tsukuyomi[]

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Otogi high school[]

Japan is making each child own one pc so the educational revolution can progress. The teachers as part of this "revolution" are trying to strengthen their programming class and between them, there is a hopeless Naoko Yanagi. Why is she hopeless? Simple, she can't understand the programming language. But, there is a solution: our kind boy Nasa. Indeed, she can call an outsider who has no teaching license if he volunteers.


Yanagi-sensei teaches in an all-girls school now

Though, he wasn't expecting questions about romantic problems and can't deny any answers as the students are intrigued by his life: he is 17 years old and married to a 16-year-old girl. But that is not all, as the girls want to see what kind of girl his bride is and are amazed by how smart he is. Moreover, to add fuel to the fire, everyone in the Otogi school sucks at programming where "everyone" means students and teachers. And so, in order to make it easier for everyone to learn, our little genius Nasa created a grading system that anyone can use and it was so good that the headmaster decides to promote him to a special temp teacher. One problem solved and another one appears on the way back. Indeed, a blackboard in an empty class catches his attention.


It is a mathematical formula calculating the trajectory of a rocket towards the moon and even though the equation itself isn't wrong, it doesn't consider the possibility of coming back. However, a (not so) simple equation added by Nasa, gives a way for them to come back to earth. The equation was actually written by Kaguya, a very smart student from the Otogi high school, who didn't like Nasa's help that much and has a message for him:

Did we forget about anyone? Yep, Tsukasa or should we say a Jealous wifey? Indeed, now that Nasa is teaching at an all-girls school there is a chance his students will steal his heart or so Aya thinks. How to deal with this threat? Well, looking back at the Babylonians...An eye for an eye and a high school girl for a high school girl and therefore an Otogi high school uniform on Tsukasa was put. Conclusion? Needless to say, it is a victory! Nasa cannot resist such a combo.


Haunted House[]

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[1]-"My name is Yuzaki Nasa!! The man who'll attain the speed of light faster than NASA!!"
[1]-"No matter what fate comes at me with, I should be able to do something about it."
[1]-"There's no logic to it. She's just cute!!"
[14]-"When we first met, you seemed so calm and cool-headed...but seeing your expression change into something more lively makes you..look cute..."
[16]-"Oh god! My senpai is getting more and more gross by the minute...!!" Kaname Arisugawa talking about Nasa 
[18]-"Even if we are apart as long we have a ring which shows our eternal love...We can feel each other nearby..."
[20]-"I said I was saved by the cutest girl in the universe"
[22]-"Hmm. This is terrifying. My wife will always be cute, no matter what photo I take... A 64GB SD might not be enough..."
[26]-"In this world, even the most scientific of things started from someone having this gut feeling it exists. Then someone proved it after the fact. So compared to you, I know absolutely nothing about her...But I intend to spend my entire life proving my love. I didn't marry her because I proved my love. I married her to prove my love"
[30]-"Ohh uhhh err...Yuzaki Nasa here...I got married the other day. And uh...My wife is taking this video...She is super cute.

"[147]-"I will make your wish...come true.I promise.So spend your life with me.I'll take those 1400 years of loneliness...and bury them all."


  • The name Nasa means "star" (星) (na) and "sky" (空) (sa), which literally means "starry sky" altogether.
  • Nasa's surname Yuzaki means "reason, case, cause" (由) (yu) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).

Trivia (Contains Spoilers)[]

  • One of the great contention among fans is the fact that Nasa, an 18-year-old, married Tsukasa Tsukuyomi who was a 16-year-old. Although girls in Japan can get married at 16 as long as there is individual and parental consent, this tradition is currently being deratified by the Japanese government as early as 2018 with the new proposed Japan’s Civil Code. In Episode 2, even Nasa himself was shocked to hear that Tsukasa was only 16 (but didn't do anything about it at that time). In Episode 3, Kaname Arisugawa even remarked and teased that Nasa was a pedophile.
  • That being said, fans have also taken into consideration the fact that Tsukasa proposed to Nasa when he was still 16 at that time, making their relationship somewhat eligible for the universal Romeo and Juliet laws. There's also the fact that Tsukasa herself is technically older than Nasa, based on the that fact that she is immortal.
  • Nasa's favorite number is 11.
  • Despite his Job in a supermarket and freelance, he is quite a successful Cryptocurrency Trader, he may have done it just to prove his parents wrong.
  • As of chapter 163, Nasa and Tsukasa has only been married for 3 months.
  • Nasa is way more daring than he looks, at least when he is alone with Tsukasa.
  • Nasa has a love/hate relationship with toast, his cat. He loves him cause he likes to see Tsukasa play with him. But, also hates him because He interferes with their "Alone" time.
  • Nasa likes white lingerie.
  • Before he got his Driving License, he was scared to drive a car at even 30km/h (to compare, that is comparable to someone casually driving a bicycle).
  • Nasa could possibly be immortal after and on Chapter 147. because, Tsukasa dripped some of her blood in Nasa's mouth. Tsukasa's blood already has some impurities of the Hourai Elixir, and it is possible that some of it has been transferred to Nasa.
  • Nasa might be a reincarnation of one of the Emperors in the Nara period, because Tsukasa knew about Nasa in his dream and in his dream, He said "A long memory" which meant that he could possibly be the Emperor.