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Main Characteristics and Personality

Jessie is a student at Otogi All-Girls High School. She is a blunt person and seems to get scared quite easily.


Jessie has two buns on her head on both sides, and usually wears a lot of accessories and round earrings. Her eyes look irritated most of the time. Additionally, Jessie wears a jacket on top of her Otogi uniform.

Appearances in Manga

Chapter 108

Jessie is a part of Nasa’s programming class at Otogi All-Girls High School. Hotaru, Hakase, Usa, Haru, Shirogane and Kaguya are a part of it as well.

Chapter 109

Jessie and the other girls talk about Nasa, with Jessie mentioning how erotic Nasa’s marriage is and the others wanting to see his wife.

Chapter 110

While walking through the park, she and Hotaru see Nasa and Tsukasa together.

Chapter 119

Jessie is mainly conversing with Kaguya and Hotaru about Kaguya’s meals.

Chapter 123

Jessie and her classmates decide to visit Nasa’s home for supplementary lessons, which is a bathhouse, to their surprise. Despite that, they still go there and decide to go to the bath area first before going to the sauna. The girls decide to hold a contest to see who could last the longest there, and Usa wins with surprising heat tolerance. The girls ended up not studying at all.

Chapter 124

Summer has arrived, and Jessie's film research club is doing a limited-budget horror movie called "The Moonlight Ghost Mansion."  She gets assigned the costume designer position, and the location to film their movie is an old mansion at the corner of the town.

Chapter 125

During the project, Jessie becomes one of the main actors in the film.

Chapter 126

Shirogane goes missing during filming, prompting Jessie to go look for her with Nasa, Tsukasa, Hotaru, and Aya. However, Aya goes missing, so she and Hotaru split off with the others.

Chapter 127

While Hotaru and Jessie are on their own, they end up encountering a ghost. This was a hologram that Kaguya created, and they both get scared by it.

Chapter 129

After Aya finds an arrow, Jessie and Kurenai find her before realizing that the ghost is still near them. Luckily the weapon Aya finds destroys the ghost and, they're back on their trip to find Shirogane.

Chapter 130

Jessie and Kurenai find Shirogane near the Ferris wheel. Then they find the ghost, which turns into a centipede-like monster that chases them.

Chapter 131

In this final chapter of this arc, Tsukasa jumps in to save the two from the centipede.


[109] “And like, that meek looking guy got married, isn’t that a bit too erotic?” Jessie when talking about Nasa


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