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Main Characteristics and Personality

Usa is a student at Otogi all-girls high school. She is known to be quite an extroverted and energetic person, almost too much for her own good.


Usa’s hair is kept in a bun, with two locks in the front hanging down. She is usually seen in an Otogi uniform and wears oval-shaped glasses.



Nasa comes to teach a programming class at Otogi All-Girls High School, which Usa is a part of. While Nasa is talking to Hotaru about romantic problems, Usa slams his back suddenly and asks for his first name to get his contact info. Nasa tells her his name and the backstory behind it, which Usa finds impressive. Usa then tells him about how another girl, Kaguya, has a crazy name.

Love Advice for the Newlywed

Usa thinks Tsukasa feels lonely and gets jitters while Nasa is at school with her. Nasa says that his wife never gets envious, which Usa then replies by saying the calm ones are the most jealous since you can’t usually tell what they are thinking. She uses Kaguya as an example before realizing that she went home.

Visiting Sensei

Usa and her classmates decide to visit Nasa’s home for supplementary lessons, which to their surprise, is a bathhouse. Despite that, they still go there and decide to go to the bath area first before going to the sauna. The girls decide to hold a contest to see who could last the longest there, with the winner getting juice. Usa ends up winning with surprising heat tolerance, and the girls ended up not studying at all.

Horror on a Budget

Usa's film research club decides to make a limited-budget horror movie, and Usa is the cameraman. While filming, Shirogane goes missing, and Usa mentions that she was going to do preliminary inspections but isn't back yet. With no way to contact her, they continue filming while someone else goes to look for her. In the end, Usa happened to be a bystander in the filming process and barely made any appearances.


[123] "The more cool and collected they are, the more you actually have no idea what they're thinking about." Usa when giving Nasa love advice


  • Usa has a very high heat tolerance, as seen in Chapter 123